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AQA NST Technology

The A-Aqua Natural System Technology

Water saving is a key element when developing cities today. Source separation technologies can facilitate a reduction of the water footprint of > 90%. This has been pioneered by scientists at the Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU).


The Natural System Technology, our concept, is based on:

  • Separate treatment of toilet wastewater and water from the kitchen and showers.
  • Water saving toilets with high comfort.
  • Aerobic or anaerobic treatment of toilet waste, stabilization and production of high quality fertilizer.
  • Reducing the need for secondary sewers (the most expensive part in traditional sewage network).
  • Reclamation of nutrients.
  • Greywater treatment to quality suitable for irrigation, groundwater recharge.
  • Potential energy production from waste resources.
  • Treated greywater used as a raw water source facilitating up to 90% water saving compared to a traditional system.