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About us

Company Introduction

A-Aqua AS has been a supplier to the water and wastewater sector since 1985 and has extensive experience, excellent references and an established position in the sector. With more than 100 engineers in our team, we provide bespoke products and systems in a professional manner to our customers and partners.

Our water and wastewater products and solutions fulfil needs within the following markets:

  • The infrastructure development sector (both small to large turnkey projects);
  • The humanitarian and aid sector; and
  • The municipal preparedness sector

Our mother company, Malthe Winje Group (MWG), has been a well-known engineering brand in various infrastructure sectors for over 90 years. Synergies with sister companies within the MWG allows A-aqua to offer complete solutions to complex problems. As an example, through incorporating automation solutions from sister company Malthe Winje Automation, clients can monitor the performance of a drinking water quality. All this means A-Aqua can deliver advanced complete turnkey solutions. MWG’s resources also help ensure quality and provides financial strength.

A-Aqua is a reliable and trustful partner, with a focus on Norwegian technology with high quality and proven components. We also provide great service and support including training, all at competitive prices.

For larger infrastructure projects, A-Aqua can access multiple sources of financing with favorable conditions. We also have close ties to Norwegian Universities and other governmental institutes, allowing us to provide extended training and exchange programs to our partners, in addition to R&D.

A-Aqua AS 公司,1985 年成立于挪威首都奥斯陆, 是一家给供水和污水处理、工业废水处理、污水资源化与再生利用、自来水处理、大型环保工程、市政预备工程、人道主义援助等环保业务,集科研、咨询、投资、建设和运营为一体的综合环境服务商.

目前,已在全球超过10个国家和地区拥有多项成功项目应用案例,涉及主要项目有:联合国和World Vision 非盈利组织长期合作、丹麦红十字会、挪威红十字会、加拿大红十字会的人道主义救援项目、印度直饮水和污水处理厂项目、非洲污水处理厂项目、即工程项目的勘测、设计、采购、施工、治理、竣工验收等全过程或若干阶段承包相关服务,强大的技术团队,使我们可以提供产品和系统的定制服务,以专业的态度为我们的客户和合作伙伴提供最好的服务.

我们的母公司,,马特文雅集团(MWG)工程及基础设施行业已经超过90年的经验。与马特文雅集团内兄弟公司的协同效应使得A-AQUA AS有效的提供完整解决方案。通过马特文雅自动化集成自动化解决方案,客户可以监控饮用水水质.

A-AQUA AS公司,是一家遍布全世界可靠和值得信赖的合作伙伴,拥有自己的挪威研发中心,与挪威政府机构有着密切的合作,优越的融资方案, 高品质和成熟解决方案.