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A-AQUA Launches First Flight Kit for Humanitarian Responses

The First Flight Kit, which combines equipment from A-Aqua with high-pressure tents from NorLense AS, offers a complete and self-sufficient office, kitchen and accommodation as well as water and sanitation solutions for 12 staff members. It is perfect for First Responders who are sent out during the initial phase of an emergency in demanding environments. The Kit is modular and can easily be scaled up or down, depending on specific needs. It contains a WT 200, A-Aqua’s smallest mobile water treatment unit for when the camp is set up and on subsequent assessments and over-night trips away from base. Once the camp is established, water is purified using the EmWat 1000 (1,000 litres per hour) and sophisticated shower and latrine facilities are provided by the VacuSan™ System which also helps to maintain a very small foot-print. At time of writing, three First Flight Kits have been pre-positioned at different UNHRD hubs and are available for immediate deployment (For more information please contact