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Demonstration of preparedness solution and back-up treatment system in Marker

On 27th of April, A-AQUA demonstrated the capabilities of the EmWat 4000, one of their most popular water treatment units, to a number of Technical Staff from 20 municipalities. The event was hosted by the DIO(Driftsassistansen I Østfold) and was meant to gather feedback from the participants on how the technology could be adapted to fulfil a role in water preparedness/back-up treatment system for water works in Norway. A-AQUA is planning to take the technology from the EmWat 4000, which has been used in humanitarian emergencies around the World, and winterise it by placing all of the components into a small heated trailer/20 feet container to allow the unit to be operated even in Nordic winters. There are a few engineering challenges with this, but A-Aqua is confident that it is possible to create a mobile unit that meets Norwegian regulations.