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A-AQUA contributes to WASH in Emergencies Training

Skrevet 20. October 2017

Last month, Mathias Anderson, Sales and Business Development Manager for A-Aqua AS, spoke to participants of the annual WASH in Emergencies Training in Dresden, Germany.

The week-long training, was organized by members of the German WaSH Network with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It featured lectures from experts and practitioners from the humanitarian-aid-community and industry and it is aimed to build the capacity of first-responders who are likely to deploy to international emergencies, such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods, where the affected population often does not have access to safe drinking water.

Mr. Anderson had been invited to teach a module covering the first days of water supply after a sudden-onset emergency. His session covered the different possibilities for sourcing of water, technical options for water treatment and many practical tips on how to organize water distribution and logistics in an emergency setting.

Prior to having joined the A-Aqua Sales Team, Mr. Anderson has worked in humanitarian aid and development in more than a dozen countries starting in 2006, when he deployed to northern Sri Lanka with a consortium of international aid organisation. He was first introduced to one A-Aqua’s products in 2010 in Haiti, where he was deployed as Head of Mission for a German aid organisation.