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Hygieniser100 Field Testing in Cote d’Ivoire

Skrevet 17. March 2016
The final stages of field testing of the A-Aqua Hygieniser100 Unit are now complete at we are happy to offer this unit to organisations looking to safely dispose of faecal sludge in the field. 

A-Aqua is a small Norwegian company that specialises in the provision of water & sanitation equipment and services, primarily aimed at the preparedness, emergency and humanitarian sector globally, but also in Scandinavia. 

For years A-Aqua has supplied organisations like the Red Cross, UN and other International NGOs with water treatment units and accessories. The last 5 years, A-Aqua has been focusing on the need to develop new sanitation solutions for humanitarian emergencies. We have since developed two systems; a toilet and shower solution, based on another Norwegian technology: the Jets Vacuum Pump, for staff camps and field hospitals and a mobile and compact solution that makes the human waste from toilets safe.

Emergency Sanitation Project Logo

A-Aqua started the project to develop the latter system in 2013 with support from Innovation Norway (IFU) and in cooperation with the Norwegian and Swedish Red Cross Societies and the IFRC. It was based on the criteria set forth by the Emergency Sanitation Project, a joint venture between WASTE from the Netherlands, Oxfam and IFRC and supported by OFDA. The aim was to design a system that can "make safe" for disposal small quantities of sludge resulting from Field Hospitals and staff Base Camps and can treat approximately 1,000L of sludge a day. The unit applies pasteurisation as the treatment method heating the sludge to a temperature sufficient to kill or deactivate pathogens that are harmful to human health. This project culminated in field trials of the new A-Aqua Hygieniser Unit in the Cote d’Ivoire by the IFRC in January 2016.  Two staff from A-Aqua and 1 volunteer from Engineers Without Borders in Norway travelled to the small town of Tormoudi, 200km North of Abidjan in order to test the Unit.  Team Shot - Tomoudi

Field testing utilised sludge contained in a septic tank connected to a Côte d'Ivoire Red Cross Public Toilet. The toilet was located next to a busy marketplace and users paid 25XOF (4¢) for the convenience. The toilets are well maintained and popular. They also provide handwashing facilities.  The field trials were a complete success and allowed A-Aqua to optimise the batch process, while understanding end-user issues that might arise in the field. Testing for the presence of harmful indicator bacteria in the sludge also showed that the unit deactivated E.Coli during the batch process. Further testing undertaken at the University of Life Sciences at Ås in Norway has also shown the units effectiveness agains other pathogens. 

The benefit of the A-Aqua Hygieniser is that it is easily transportable, can be used anywhere under any conditions, uses a minimum of energy and reduces the impact International Organisation’s will have in humanitarian situations globally.