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Preparedness training in Aarnes and Nes

A-Aqua recently performed a training using our delivered Preparedness equipment solution in the Norwegian municipalities Aarnes and Nes, located 90 minutes from Oslo center.

New drinking water regulations and preparedness services were introduced in Norway in January 2017. The regulations require safe delivery of adequate amounts of safe drinking water.

The water must be clear and without any odor, taste or color. The new regulations can help secure drinking water supplies through more stringent requirements for the operation and maintenance of the pipeline network.

The theoretical concept presentation and practical training were performed by A-Aqua’s CTO Mr. Georg Finsrud with professional participants from Aarnes and Nes water departments. During the practical training, everybody had to fulfil the handling and connection of the equipment successfully, and they are now ready for field situations. The municipalities will later run simulated cases where the equipment is needed. A-Aqua is looking forward to user’s experience from a simulated field situation.